Mothers Of Purl Yarns Opens Its Doors!

I know it has been quiet here for quite some time, but there is big news on the horizon. Mothers of Purl Yarns will be officially opening its doors on March 15, 2010! The shop is looking gorgeous, and we have had so much support from friends and family to make it possible. (I can’t thank you all enough.)

So here are the details. Mothers of Purl Yarns is located at 82 Salem Turnpike in Norwich, CT below a lovely natural baby store called Papoose. We will be open Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 12pm to 5:30pm starting on Monday, March 15th. We stock a gorgeous assortment of fibers including wool, alpaca, cashmere, and baby camel from Cascade, Plymouth, and Skacel. And of course, we also have a variety of notions and needles, including addi lace needles. In addition, Mothers of Purl Yarns will offer a variety of classes from learning to knit to finishing the perfect project.

Intrigued? Come by and visit us, or call 860-823-0434 for more information.


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Summer Knitting

Again, it has been forever since I’ve posted. Lot’s of knitting is getting done. But I haven’t had time to take pictures of it. I’ve got a couple sweaters going, a dress for Amelia and a sweater coat for her as well. The hot weather has limited me to one cotton sweater and Amelia’s dress, which are ironically the same color. But I suppose it is appropriate, since they are both Nantucket Red, and we are headed to the island in a couple of weeks.

It has been so cool and rainy for most of the summer that I had been working on a wool cabled sweater until about a month ago. But now, I’m only willing to touch cotton or sock yarn. I’ve also done some cotton wash clothes for family and charity. So, things haven’t been too dull.

Stay cool and happy knitting!

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Time Flies!

Oops! How can it be so long since I’ve posted? Since the weather has cooled off, I’ve been back knitting as fast as I can. But, since it is mostly Christmas knitting, I don’t have much that I can show you right now. My project load keeps creeping up, but I am actually finishing things as well. My completed Christmas gift list includes:

A large heirloom shawl
Two pairs of socks
A hat (knitted, though not yet felted)

Still on the needles are:

Two more shawls
Yet another pair of socks
A sweater

Additionally, I’ve got a pair of baby leggings, a sweater (really two) for myself, a scarf for myself, and two shawls for myself (although I’ve hibernated one of them since it is cotton and will make great summer knitting next year). Hmm, apparently I still have project control issues. If you want more frequent updates of my progress, take a look at my Ravelry profile.

Despite the high volume of projects, I’m actually feeling pretty good about my Christmas progress. I think I’ll finish almost everything on time (although two of the larger projects have me a wee bit nervous). More concerning is everything I want to finish before the baby arrives. But first things first. Back to being an elf.

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Totallly Distracted, But Still Tour De Francing

So my original plan of finishing my Stolen Moments Shawl is um…going slowly. If you’d like to see what it looks like, just scroll down and imagine it a little longer. The huge news is that I’m back “on” knitting. But since shawls are seeming oppressive right now, I’ve cast on a couple new projects that I’m definitely enjoying while I watch the men of the peloton cruise through the French country side. 

Here is the one I told you about last time.

Life's a Beach BSJ

I am adoring the colors and enjoying yet another Baby Surprise Jacket. I have a feeling that my future child is, at some point, going to ask why they have so many of them. Sorry kid, I just love making these little sweaters. I’m slightly concerned that the ball of yarn is shrinking at a slightly quicker rate than it should if I am to have enough yarn to finish the sweater.  Not to fear. I have at least a skein and a half of a coordinating teal color that I can stripe in if it becomes necessary. The lovely varigated stuff is Cherry Tree Hill Yarns Supersock in the Life’s a Beach colorway. The left over teal is DK weight from Fancy Image Yarn. If it isn’t needed for stripes, then it will probably become longies to match the sweater.

The other new project is a lovely sweater from Rio de la Plata. I’m using their multicolor plied sock yarn. And, I adore it. Here is my progress so far.

Summer Stripey Sweater

It is going swimmingly well. I love the colors and think it will be great for late summer, early fall. Cardigans seem like quite the thing right now since I’ll be able to wear them open once I get all big. The pattern is nice and simple. (Exactly what I need right now.) I can’t really explain why the simple cardigan is salve to my knitter’s soul right now, while my simple lace stole is boring me to tears. Sigh. Oh well.

Today is a rest day for the real Tour de France, but I’m knitting on.

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Tour de France Knitting

So before my pregnancy induced lack of knitting mojo hit full force, I signed up to participate in the Tour de France Knit Along. Sadly, despite this being Day 11 of the Tour, this is the first time I’m posting about it. Sorry, folks.

I admit that the major part of this is that my fatigue has left me staring into space while listening to the Tour a lot more than knitting while I watch it. However, the shear heat that we’ve been experiencing at our house has also made knitting and sitting with a hot laptop in my lap less than appealing.

So how is my knitting Tour going? Well, after I realized that my energy level meant that my original goal (knitting a cycling jersey for my husband) was unrealistic, I decided to focus on the many shawls I highlighted in the last post. Specifically, the Stolen Moments Wrap.

Stolen Moments of Catherine the Great

I thought alot about how appropriate this was. First, for my own comfort, it is lovely mercerized cotton. Second, it is a relatively simple pattern, but it is quite long. This second part seemed to fit the bill exactly. The Tour is long. It takes endurance. I thought about how I would have to stick to it, just like the riders must for mile after mile.

The only problem was that it was long, and pretty much looks the same as I go along, making blogging about it really boring. You may have noticed that is the same picture as last time. I promise, I’ve made progress, but really the essentials are the same. It’s just longer. Thus, another bad excuse for not blogging enough. Sigh.

However, there is hope. I’ve decided that in addition to my major Tour project, I’ll be working on some stage wins as well. (Mostly to help the blog be more interesting.) After all, the riders on the Tour must seize the opportunities that come their way.

So for my first stage win attempt, I’ve cast on another Baby Surprise Jacket. It is out of Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock in the Life’s A Beach color way. Looking great so far. I’ll try to have a photo of progress for the next post.

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A Shawl Jag

As things slowly warm up around here, I’ve transitioned from working on cozy sweaters to lovely lace shawls. Some I’ve been working on for a while; others have been inspired by some gorgeous yarn I picked up on my recent tour de Connecticut yarn shops when mom was in town.

 Laurel Catherine the Great

This gorgeous Schaefer Laurel in the Catherine the Great colorway came from Yarns Down Under. So far, this is the result.

 Stolen Moments of Catherine the Great

Mostly completed during our recent sailing trip, I’m not working on this too aggressively at this point since the cool, mercerized cotton will be nice to work on once things really heat up. The colors are stunning, though. And, I’m amazed at the really vivid colorway in the cotton. The pattern is Amy Swenson’s Stolen Moment’s Wrap.

Also from Yarns Down Under, is this Malbrigo Lace. I had heard stellar reports on this, and the intense color combined with the very reasonable price convinced me to give it a try.

 Intenso Shawl 1

I started this on a trip down to Atlanta for a friend’s wedding, so the pattern is simple and definitely improvised. I’m nearing the end and am pleased with the results so far.

Intenso Shawl 2

In addition to these two recently started shawls, I’m also trying to dedicate some time to my long neglected Pi Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac.

Copper Penny Shawl

Yeah. This project has definitely made me understand what people are talking about when they say their lace looks like chinese noodles. I am definitely going on faith at this point. But the fact that I’m already halfway through the last lace pattern keeps me going.
J.Knits Lace Weight

This is the yarn: J.Knits Lacelicious. Sorry that photo looks a little blury. This is one of the first yarns I picked up at Mocha’s Fiber Connection. Lovely stuff.



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Well, the answer is…not long.

Almost immediately after writing the last post, I wound the skein into a ball.

Nova Scotia Mini Maiden in Silver

And then, cast on for the Nova Scotia Old Shale Wrap.

Old Shale Wrap in Progress

The pattern is of my own invention, but is based on the Old Shale lace pattern for Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Both the yarn (Hand Maiden Mini Maiden in Nova Scotia) and the pattern were a total dream. I could barely put it down, and it seemed to just flow right through my fingers.

Detail of Old Shale Wrap

After blocking, it wound up being 16 inches wide and 56 inches long. This is perfect for me and because of the lace pattern, I was able to use every last yard of the beautiful yarn. If I were taller, I might want a larger one. The blocking did all the difference on this one. Before blocking, the wrap barely met when wrapped around my shoulders. But after blocking, it gracefully drapes with plenty to spare.

Old Shale Wrap, Finished, Preblocked

Finishing this beauty inspired me into a spate of finish-it-upitis. So I’ve also finished a baby sweater, an ill-fated baby soaker, a pair of gloves, and several pairs of socks.

 P.S. I just updated the Completed Projects page with a bunch of the stuff I’ve finished this year.


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